7 Management Software Systems

Technological development offers us tools to make our life and work easier. Companies and small teams usually rely on management software to help them organize their tasks and pending tasks; besides being an effective way to communicate a message to a workgroup and be able to monitor the tasks that each one performs.

7 Management Software

For this article, we have made a list with a review of the best administration software in 2022. We will talk about their prices and platforms, if they are easy to use and if they are suitable for your way of working.

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Reasons to use Management Software

We will focus on management software, usually called administration software, designed to improve collaboration and coordination of work, as well as to increase productivity and quality of work, helping to maintain stable communication between the work team.

If your project or company requires more technological tools, mixing this software can be the first step to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of productivity. This administration software will help you with the organization of:

  • Work scheduling
  • Communication
  • File storage
  • Project management
  • Team collaboration
  • Reporting

Check out this guide with the best administration software and re-invent your management strategy.

The Best 7 Management Software Systems


Monday is an administration software dedicated to centralizing tasks, processes, and files in a single work system. It will be your work base if you want to manage the tasks of your team, see the progress and know the status of the tasks that each member of the team has.

7 Management Software Systems
Extracted from

It makes a statistical analysis of the monthly objectives and the progress of each member. It also has panels that you can customize to your liking with the data you want to see to facilitate decision-making.

Its price ranges from $0 with up to 2 users, to the $320 MXN pro plan that includes automation, time tracking, formulas, and more panels.


Trello is a tool with dashboards that aims to manage the workflow in projects and the supervision of tasks by an administrator.

Trello Boards
Extracted from Trello

It is a basic tool that will allow you to add different types of tools such as a checklist, task automation, connect with other software such as Drive or Dropbox, and filter information.

You will be able to include your team in different workspaces to keep your projects and staff organized. They will receive notifications with every action they are listed to the task.

Trello is an Atlassian product with three different membership levels. The free one includes up to 10 boards, connecting with your other apps, and unlimited automation. If you want more administration and security features, plus scheduling and CSV export, we recommend that you sign up for the pro version which will be priced according to the number of users, $17.50 USD per month per user.


It is a management software for the remote control of the tasks assigned to the collaborators in a single control panel. This application offers contracts, tasks, a data cloud to upload files, synchronized calendars, and direct messaging between staff.

7 Management Software Systems
Extracted from Nifty

The Nifty dashboard is customizable with the tools and information you need and has search bars so you can quickly find the information you need.

Create maps so that employees know their tasks at all times; create new tasks for employees and have them delivered to them instantly; open dialogs between employees to discuss the project, use it as a cloud to upload files, and create reports.

Its price is free with 2 active projects and up to 100 MB of information in the cloud, or hire the unlimited version for $399 USD per month. There are 5 different plans.

ZOHO Workplace

Zoho mixes different functions that you might need in your workplace. It allows you to sync with your email and desktop to make file sharing easier.

Zoho Workplace
Extracted from Zoho

It also lets you sync with your social networks so you don’t miss any important events or messages. Create surveys with your networks to gather information about your projects.

You can also sync with more Zoho software administration with your membership. You can also download them to your tablet or cell phone to have your information always at hand.

The applications included are:

  • E-mail
  • File Management
  • Chat
  • Spreadsheet
  • Word processing
  • Presentations
  • Intranet
  • Meetings

Its price ranges from $18 MXN per month with email only, up to $108 MXN per month.


ProWorkFlow is an administration software that allows you to manage different aspects of your project remotely, in addition to the many applications that can be synchronized with this software such as Dropbox, Google, One Drive, and more.

Extracted from ProWorkFlow

You can manage projects, create flexible tasks, use time diagrams for your activities, link your contacts and communicate with them easily, visualize the workflow and request reports to your employees as well as analytical reports from the administration software, and download the app to your cell phone to keep better control and many more features.

The price of the memberships is $20 USD and $30 USD per month, the main difference is the space you will have in the cloud.


Proofhub bases its functions on four main pillars that they offer so that your projects are always well managed.

For the planning section, you will be able to create tasks, modify dashboards and give roles to each employee so that they are part of a workflow.

Extracted from Proofhub

In the collaborator’s section, the application seeks to keep the workgroup as close as possible, with mentions, discussions, internal mail, and chat between users to always stay in communication.

Organize your calendar, make notes, create formats, and upload documents to the cloud so that everyone involved in a project is aware of everything that is happening in the company.

Deliver reports and spreadsheets with analysis, plus a daily agenda with everything you need to know about the day.

There are two membership levels, the first at $45 USD per month and the ultimate at $89 USD per month.


One of the main functions of Bitrix24 is to maintain fluidity and communication between collaborators on a permanent basis; using messaging, polls, video calls, and conferences between them.

7 Management Software Systems
Extracted from Bitrix24

It allows you to manage your projects and tasks, as well as track them with Gantt charts. Also, use the platform to upload files and make them available to your entire team in record time.

Manages a directory of employees so you know at all times what activity each one is doing and their progress on projects.

It manages its own cloud and its application is available for iOS and Android.

Membership prices range from $39 USD to $159 USD.

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