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A city with a millenary history, the capital of Mexico, the financial, cultural, and political center of the country, is also the biggest city in the country, with Guadalajara and Monterrey, respectively in 2nd and 3rd population size.

Mexico City is a city that welcomes millions of tourists with open arms, year after year and is host to the most important events in Latin America, so you will always have things to do in Mexico City. 

Different traditions and mixed cultures create a unique city with different facets.

Things to do in Mexico City

With 700 years of history as a city in the western world and many more since the ancient pre-Hispanic cultures, this cosmopolitan city is one of many wonders.

All these mixtures reflected in the colonial architecture, with baroque or neoclassical styles, recall the mestizaje that was born here. As well as the pre-Hispanic remains tell us about one great civilization that settled thousands of years ago in this enigmatic place.

History and art are a must-do in Mexico City, the city has 188 museums, 64 theaters, 15 cultural centers, and 7 archaeological sites nearby, so you should plan a long stay as you will always find things to do in Mexico City.

On the other hand, the Mexican capital is a truly cosmopolitan city with frenetic activity, every day and night. It has an amazing modern infrastructure, and beautiful neighborhoods like Colonia Roma, Polanco, and La Condesa.

We also compared the top restaurants in Mexico City that will make you return for more.  This city hosts important international events and meetings, such as the international fair of friendly cultures, with more than 70 countries, in the FICA, you’ll taste incredible gastronomy and typical products, and of course the famous Day of the Dead, with a majestic parade on Paseo de la Reforma.

Mexico City Historic Center

This is the heart of the city. The historic center was named a world cultural heritage site in 1982. Here you can observe a harmonious fusion of ancient and modern, present and past coexisting every day. Full of culture, it offers a vast collection of pre-Hispanic vestiges and legendary buildings, fascinating colonial architecture, and a delicious gastronomic proposal where you can enjoy Mexican restaurants, and taquerias or visit the best cafes in Mexico City.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

In Mexico’s City historic center you will find the Bellas Artes Palace, declared a historic monument by UNESCO in 1987 is the ultimate home for the expression of culture, you can enjoy various cultural and artistic activities such as the symphony orchestra or the national opera company and folkloric ballet. Inside you can appreciate murals by Diego Rivera, Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and more renowned artists.

Chapultepec Forest in Mexico City

The Chapultepec Forest has several surprising achievements, one of them is that it is the oldest park in America, the largest in Latin America, and one of the most traditional parks in the world. A fundamental part of Mexico’s history has been woven here, from Nezahualcoyotl to Porfirio Diaz, a lot of history is linked to it. You will breathe fresh air and find many recreational activities.

Where to stay in Mexico City

Big city, with a lot of options, so it’s time to read about the best places to stay in Mexico City. Whether you rent an apartment in the city, a hotel, or a house in a neighborhood, the offer of places is wide, here are some of the best places you can get to.

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Hotels in La Condesa Mexico City

La Condesa, as it is usually called, is a neighborhood in Mexico City that is distinguished by its art deco buildings, parks, and tree-lined avenues that make walking very pleasant. You won’t miss the outdoor cafes and restaurants and its exclusive boutiques provide a sophisticated atmosphere.

Of course, you can find a great variety of hotels to stay at such as AR 218 Hotel, Condesa Suites, Andaz Mexico City Condesa, and Kukun Condesa Taman, just to mention a few.

Hotel in Colonia Roma Mexico City

Colonia Roma is another neighborhood in Mexico City, known for its comfortable lifestyle, cultural events, and film festivals. In both La Condesa and Roma, you can appreciate European architecture, a legacy of past influences from migrants who arrived in the city a long time ago.

Also, there is a wide range of hotels where you can stay such as Hotel Benidorm, Hotel Luca, Hotel MX Roma, Sonder Cielo, and Hotel Monarca, all waiting with open doors.

Mexico City Airport Hotels

There are many flights from North America to Mexico City, including flights from New York to Mexico City. Here are some options for when you have to sleep near the airport, from luxurious hotels to “capsule rooms” to economize, some of the most popular ones are the Hilton Hotel, located inside the airport, with excellent services and facilities. 

Another one is the Camino Real Aeropuerto, more economical than the previous one but still offers very good facilities and services and finally, you can choose the Izzzlep rooms, which are very small and stacked in the form of “honeycomb”, very practical and above all economical.

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Boutique hotels in Mexico City

Of course, the city offers options for all tastes to its visitors for their stay in the city, a boutique hotel is characterized by more personalized and intimate attention, and you will also notice a unique architectural style, and modern.

Mumedi Design Hotel in Mexico City

They are usually located in the center of the city for the convenience of tourists, some examples of the best boutique hotels in Mexico City are the Mumedi Design hotel, excellently located in the historic center of Mexico City, offering fully serviced rooms, 24-hour reception, and every day an American breakfast is brought to its guests. 

NaNa Vida Hotel in Mexico City

Another boutique hotel is the NaNa Vida, now 2 km from the Angel de la Independencia, with full services, safe, and private bathroom. Rooms include bed linens and towels. The Chapultepec Forest is only 3.3 km from the hotel and the Fine Arts Museum is only 4 km away. 

Wilde Oscar Hotel

Finally, we introduce you to “el Wilde Oscar“, this boutique hotel is located in the Polanco neighborhood, it offers all the services, Portuguese Egyptian cotton bedding, and gourmet products in your minibar, French style bathtub. Guests can enjoy a pleasant moment in the bar-restaurant and the social and work areas.

Top restaurants in Mexico City

After visiting so many places, it’s time to eat so we present you the best restaurants in Mexico City

Pujol Restaurant in Mexico City 

A high reference to contemporary Mexican cuisine for almost 20 years. Chef Enrique Olvera’s flagship restaurant is common to see it in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, with a constantly renewed menu that has earned it stardom.

Quintonil Restaurant in Mexico City

Quintonil lands as an expression of Mexican cuisine and herbal essences, picturesque and completely different flavors (for the better). The restaurant led by Jorge Vallejo and Alejandra Flores has been familiar with The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, a listing it became familiar with in 2015.

Publico Comedor Restaurant

Traditional Mexican cuisine with a fast-casual format: you order and pay at the counter and then they bring your order to the table. They serve complete meals-not just desserts and coffee-in a modern setting. You can find everything from breakfast and lunch to snacks with drinks, wines, and beers.


History, culture, modernity, infrastructure at all levels, a magical atmosphere full of warm people and good food, this city has it all, very close to you. We highly recommend a 5-day stay in the city as a minimum.

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