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A neighboring city of Guadalajara, “Zapopan” is economically thriving, a land of opportunities, and the most promising municipality in western Mexico for the high-tech industry, commerce, higher education, and health services.

But where is Zapopan? Stay with us and discover this important city.

Zapopan is a municipality full of wealth, not only economically but also culturally, and blessed with an extensive area of nature that offers its visitors ample possibilities, that include beautiful landscapes and very interesting archaeological zones.

Read on and discover the possibilities that Zapopan has to offer!

Living in the city

Where is Zapopan today? Zapopan is considered the economic capital of the State of Jalisco, and the fastest-growing and largest municipality in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara.

Zapopan is an avant-garde city that possesses the benefits, richness, and diversity of the modern world, but at the same time retains the tranquility and quality of life that can only be found in a traditional city.

It offers a series of advantages, services, and amenities that put the city on par with great capitals in the world. Zapopan has the best and most exclusive residential subdivisions, where all the services are offered to live with security, comfort, and good taste.

Zapopan has a very high human development index according to the United Nations Development Program and is one of the highest in Mexico.

Shopping malls in Zapopan

Andares shopping mall

Andares is synonymous with prestige and exclusivity; it is undoubtedly the most important shopping center in western Mexico, with 50 hectares and impressive modern architecture.

Located in the west of the city, very close to downtown Zapopan, on Puerta de Hierro Boulevard, in one of the most beautiful residential areas of Zapopan.

This impressive and modern mall combines a unique style in all of Guadalajara, this mega-development offers in one place a cosmopolitan lifestyle, combining corporate towers, high tourism hotels, and so much more.

Here you can live unique experiences in shopping, living, various types of businesses, gastronomy (from exquisite Mexican food to international restaurants), services, entertainment, and fun.

Without a doubt, it is a place that has it all, an icon of modernity for the entire city of Guadalajara.

Landmark shopping mall

Right next to Andares, also in the Puerta de Hierro neighborhood, you will appreciate this majestic architectural project with a modern and elegant design, not as big as Andares, but only here you will find brands that are in no other mall in Guadalajara, such as Athleisure Lululemon, Longchamp accessories, Salvatore Ferragamo, etc.

You can also shop in recognized clothing stores such as Hugo Boss, Harmont & Blaine, Scotch & Soda, etc.

It also has movie theaters and renowned restaurants that will delight your palates, such as the famous Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chao, as well as some Mexican restaurants like Santo Mar and La Tequila.

Undoubtedly, this elegant plaza along with the Andares complex can revive a lifestyle similar to that seen in other affluent areas of the world such as Dubai.

Galerias shopping mall

Galerias mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Guadalajara, located on Rafael Sanzio Avenue, with its three floors, has a huge range of options in shopping, restaurants, cafes, leisure, etc. that you may not find in any other mall in Zapopan.

Here, you will also find prestigious brands such as Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Adidas, Vans, GAP, Steve Madden, Ben & Frank, and many more. And if you are a dessert lover you should know that here you will find the famous American restaurant The Cheesecake Factory, there are also other options like P.F Chang’s, Outback, and many more.

Historic buildings in Zapopan

Arches of Zapopan

The entrance arch, better known as Arcos de Zapopan, is a beautiful colonial-type construction, reaching 20.40 meters with beautiful sculptures and reliefs that show the history and traditions of Zapopan.

It was erected in 1982 in memory of the founders and repopulators of the city. This striking arch was once the entrance to the city through the Teopitzintli (corn god) walkway, which leads to the Plaza de las Americas through this beautiful and traditional walkway.

Nearby you will find one of our favorite Spanish restaurants in Guadalajara, The Hosteria del Angel will surprise you with one of the tastiest paellas in Guadalajara.


This beautiful city is not only modern buildings and beautiful neighborhoods, but it also hides an important cultural heritage reflected in its ancient constructions. Such is the case of Ixtepete, one of the most important archeological sites in the west of the country.

In this place, you can appreciate the pyramidal structure of Teotihuacan influence, with several characteristics similar to the pyramid of the sun in Teotihuacan. Its construction dates from 600 to 900 AD.

Come and experience the magic of this place during the spring equinox ritual. It is the tradition, to come to welcome spring, to be charged with energy, “to thank Tonatiuh our father star king sun for this light, this warmth that gives us every day “

Zapopan Basilica

Undoubtedly the most important cultural heritage of Zapopan, and one of the richest and oldest architectural jewels of Jalisco, whose construction was started by the Franciscans.

It is the second most visited precinct of the state, its construction dates from the XVII century (from 1690 and was finished in 1730), in its interior building it keeps beautiful altarpieces, Ionic columns, gothic vaults, and a facade of plateresque style.

The Basilica of Zapopan is the home of the Virgin of Zapopan, as well as the final point of the pilgrimage that takes place every year on October 12th by thousands of Catholic believers.

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Ecotourism spots in Zapopan

Primavera Forest 

One of the city’s lungs, the Primavera Forest is an extensive wooded area of more than 30,500 hectares that provides the metropolitan area of Guadalajara with fresh and pure air. In it, there are 19 springs and an incredible diversity of flora, and numerous species of wildlife that you can see, such as white-tailed deer, pumas, lynxes, gray foxes, eagles, roadrunners, and many more.

This forest offers visitors a wide and varied range of possibilities for fun and recreation such as its thermal water spas where you can relax with its warm water, thermal water rivers, and interpretive trails.

The Primavera forest shows the biodiversity of Jalisco and the natural legacy of this land, as a tourist you will be captivated at every step of the journey.

Metropolitano Park

The Metropolitano Park in Zapopan has evolved from ejido land to four concepts: urban forest, natural environment, family recreation, and sports and culture. 

The Metropolitano Park offers an endless number of activities, among which you can find: three jogging trails for runners, cyclists, or just for taking a walk, children’s games, the MetroCan dog park where you can enjoy the park with your pets, courts, Pan American sports fields (used in the 2011 Pan American Games) and many more attractions perfect for relaxing!

Guadalajara vs Zapopan

Guadalajara and Zapopan are sister cities, they complement each other very well because while one has a lot of culture and tradition, the other has modernity, wealth, and lots of nature.

Conclusion | Where is Zapopan

Zapopan was chosen in this Tourism of Mexico section and as the city, it looks great! We encourage you to visit this municipality in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara and enjoy yourself with the beauty and warmth of the inhabitants.

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