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This city manufactures the best Mexican beers and is the third largest city after Guadalajara, and Mexico City, Monterrey is an important industrialized city with a lot of progress but preserves very well its Mexican spirit and traditions. Sharing a small border with the United States, this city in the north of Mexico will surprise you with its versatility and dynamism.

Read on and discover this place full of wealth, opportunities, and attractions for every tourist who decides to set foot on its soil, you will find many things to do in Monterrey, Mexico!

Main attractions in Monterrey, Mexico

This vivid city combines contrasting natural and urban scenery, history, and traditions with important buildings, innovative cultural and entertainment venues, as well as modern financial and industrial developments. 

Here you will find everything from typical Mexican restaurants, ecological parks, fabulous waterfalls and canyons, museums of history, art, and theme parks, and to top it all off, the Monterrey Zoo that will fascinate children.

Monterrey Cathedral 

This construction dates back to the founding of the city more than 400 years ago and is currently the seat of the local archdiocese.

Its construction took a long time, in 1791 only the vaults and the facade were finished. Due to the long construction process, it presents a combination of different architectural styles harmoniously combined.

The interior shelters several novohispanic paintings of the XIX century. The influence of the Franciscans stands out in the interior decoration. Religion left a founding mark in almost all the north of Mexico.

Macro Plaza Monterrey

Monterrey’s main square, known as Macroplaza, is the most important tourist attraction in northern Mexico, and the seventh-largest square in the world. In its 40 hectares, you will find a series of small plazas with fountains, benches, green areas, and historic buildings. In this space, you can find the Cathedral, Monterrey’s theater, the esplanade of the heroes, and the fountain of life.

Old neighborhood

When you walk through this place, you will feel like you are transported to another era when you see its houses made of adobe and brick, old colonial architecture that prevailed in Monterrey in the early 1890s, which were restored, preserving the style of yesteryear and opened their doors to become art galleries, cafes, restaurants, including of course also a delicious Monterrey taqueria, bars and nightclubs. 

Undoubtedly the cultural and social heart of the city, we recommend you to take a tour on foot or by calandria and feel what it was like to live in the old Monterrey, with its cobblestone streets, street lamps, and old buildings.

Fundidora Park

Considered the first urban park in the north of the country, it owes its name to the foundry company of Monterrey, which declared bankruptcy. So the government decided to take advantage of the huge land and its old facilities and make a beautiful park called Fundidora park

This complex hosts the main event centers: CINTERMEX and the Monterrey arena, the only show center in Latin America. The Steel Museum, the Mabe Fundidora Ice Rink, the Sesame Street Park, and Monterrey’s Movie Theater are also located here.

Paseo Santa Lucia

Since its creation in 2007, the Paseo Santa Lucia has attracted much attention for its originality and charm. It is a navigable river of 2.5 km that connects the Macroplaza with Fundidora Park, transporting visitors in attractive boats. Along the river, run walkways are surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains that passersby enjoy greatly.

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You will definitely love this city, the adventure never stops, and neither will the things to do in Monterrey, Mexico. The pleasant weather will always be with you because the Mexican city of Monterrey stands out for its mild winters, its flowers that adorn the city, and its warm summers.

At any time of the year, this tourist destination in Mexico uplifts the soul and satisfies the senses.

Star Biopark

One of the largest natural reserves in Latin America, with more than 700 animals of different species from the 5 continents of the world. In the Star Biopark, you will be able to go on fun rides in boats or pedaloes, walk a path along a river and cross a refreshing waterfall through hanging bridges, practice ecological fishing in a beautiful lake, visit a mini zoo with cubs of many species, the museum of the mammoth or the kangaroo forest.

Ponytail waterfall

This peculiar waterfall is 25 meters high and owes its name to the shape of its torrent, which reminds you of a horsetail. You can get to this beautiful place on horseback or by carriage. The Ponytail Waterfall is an ideal place for hiking, mountain biking, and taking pictures of the flora and fauna in Monterrey.

The environment lends itself to picnics along the river or near the waterfalls sharing pleasant moments with the family.

Monterrey Zoo

Monterrey’s Zoo is located south of the city, you will find a place of great importance and tradition for the inhabitants of Monterrey: the zoological park La Pastora. 

La Pastora is the official Zoo in Monterrey, Mexico, here you can tour the park and meet more than 100 animal species from different regions of the planet, and learn many things about these animals such as their care, main attributes, and the current state of conservation.

How to get to Monterrey?

If you still hesitate to visit this city, you should know that there are many flights to Monterrey, Mexico, from many parts of the United States like Houston, Los Angeles, or Chicago, and some in Canada like Toronto or Vancouver, or you can arrive by land from Texas. 


This Mexican city of Monterrey is without a doubt an excellent option for vacationing and getting to know a modern Mexican city without losing its Mexican roots, close to the United States, this city offers many activities and opportunities for all types of visitors, from investors to tourists, even for those who wish to study a higher degree, this city has the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León.

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