What are Backlinks and how do they work?

In this section, we will talk about what a backlink is, how to take advantage of this tool, the correct way to make a backlink, and other strategies used to improve SEO.

Backlink what is

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Backlinks in SEO

Backlinks are links from other sites that send web surfers to our site. These links are usually found with the text shaded or underlined in blue. Clicking on them will take you to a website related to the word used in the text.

Search engines use backlinks as a reference to know if a page is relevant to the topic you are looking for on the web. Using them correctly is of utmost importance if you want users to easily find your site and position your page organically.

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Correct use of Backlinks

Two very important criteria to take into account when using backlinks within your articles to improve your SEO are the similarity of content on the page. It is of utmost importance that the links you are using within your article are relevant to the content that users are looking for.

Backlink what is

The search engine will use sections of the web page to find the relationship between one and the other; keywords, alternative texts of images, and titles are sections that are used to measure relevance.

4 Backlinking Tips

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Another criterion of utmost importance will be the strength or reputation of the website you are targeting. If the page you target is not well regarded among the community, the search engine will not favor your texts.

Backlinks what is

What will make a web page trustworthy and give it a good reputation is the number of times the site is linked to backlinks. In addition to the use of trusted websites, we recommend that you use one of these techniques to get optimal links.

  • Guest Blog – Post articles from other blogs that are on the same topic to give more content to your site.
  • Press releases – Linking your site to recognized news and newspapers will increase the quality of your backlinks and improve your SEO.
  • Scientific articles – From universities or institutions with authority in the branches to be covered in your articles.
  • Successful Blog External Link: Link to a trusted blog and at the same time that blog links to yours.

If you use this last technique, we recommend sharing useful content and promotional posts within the social networks of your website; also surf other blogs and make yourself present in their networks and pages with relevant comments that attract the attention of the public.

Blog Post Backlink

Websites for Backlinking

Many websites and tools will allow you to improve your SEO through the correct implementation of backlinks. Some of the tools are:

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Links DoFollow and Links NoFollow

The links that search engines allow you to send to your website are called DoFollow links. Inserting a link in this way will reinforce your presence in search engines and will make users surf your website longer.

Links that do not go to your page are known as NoFollow links, these must be specified when you create your blog so that they are not counted in the ranking and you do not lose strength in search engines.

Backlink errors

  1. Poor quality backlinks.
  2. Link building with websites that are not relevant.
  3. Linking to pages that are not in the Google index.
  4. Using the same anchor text several times.
  5. Only use DoFollow links.
  6. Links that lead to pages with error 404.

Benefits of Backlinks

By using backlinks correctly on your website you will improve your company’s positioning, increasing the credibility of your blog and your followers will follow your articles and recommendations.

Internet search engines will have you in their sights because you are a site relevant to the search topics that are also linked and has information from other pages also with credibility. So you will be able to appear in the first searches organically.

By achieving these two objectives, users alone will recommend your website, feel confident, and think that your website is undeniable. This will increase your readership and page surfers, they will click more on your blog, and site traffic will increase considerably.

Using correct SEO strategies is of vital importance if you want your site to be among the first searches.

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