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Product sourcing is the process of finding and acquiring goods from a supplier or vendor. It involves researching, identifying, negotiating and securing items that may be needed to manufacture, resell or use in business operations. We will focus on Mexico Avocado and Product Sourcing in Mexico.

Mexico is the world’s leading agri-food exporter of lemon and avocado. Mexico places 50% of its production abroad, with 94% of export revenues from this crop.

With recent government actions aimed at modernizing agri-food production marketing systems and improving the competitiveness of the Mexican countryside, Mexico has positioned itself among the top 16 countries that export goods to the world; lemons and avocados alone represent an inflow of foreign currency of around two and a half-billion dollars a year.

In 2021, these products were sold in the United States, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Belize, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, South Korea, Cuba, Chile, Denmark, El Salvador, and the Netherlands, with an approximate value of 6,289 million dollars.

Mexico Avocado Exports

Mexico is a world leader in avocado export, known as “green gold“. This production generates US$800 million annually, 85% of which is harvested in Michoacán (Mexico)

mexico avocado product sourcing

Domestic avocado production is equivalent to the combined volume of Chile, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, and Colombia, Mexico’s strongest competitors.

Mexico exports avocados to several countries, including China, Chile, and Australia. However, the United States is the main importer of Mexican avocados, followed by France, Japan, and Canada.

mexico avocado boxes import

In 2021, the United States imported $3.0 billion in avocados globally. Also, Mexico and the United States have a strong trade relationship, therefore 85% of the total production goes directly to the United States of America.

Mexico Lemon Exports

mexico lemon mexican lemon product sourcing

Mexico is the world’s second-largest lemon producer and its exports are destined for the United States of America, which is the main consumer with 91% of exports (609 thousand tons).

Mexican lemon exports represent 78.22 percent of U.S. lemon imports, making the United States the main target market.

Other main target markets are The Netherlands, Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

How to import from Mexico?

Nowadays there are many businesses importing from Mexico. It is important to know is not something easy to do and you must meet all the requirements to make a successful import.

mexico corn product sourcing

Same with the exports from Mexico, you must be aware of all the laws and documents you must have in order to export correctly. Mexico is sectioned into different states, each state follows its own laws and its own requirements for imports and exports.

Read our 5 Tips for Successfully Sourcing in Mexico, and avoid delays when searching for manufacturers in Mexico.

Exports and Imports in Mexico | Requirements

If you are entering the Mexican import and export world, there are some things you need to know. Every country has its own rules and laws for trading.

This is a general procedure of how to import from Mexico:

  1. Obtain an Importer’s License: All businesses importing goods from Mexico must obtain a valid importer’s license with information such as the company name, address and contact details of the responsible person.
  2. File Commercial Invoice: An invoice is required when requesting clearance for imported merchandise that contains detailed information about the product including description, price breakdown, terms of sale and the total value of the shipment. This is provided by the shipper.
  3. Obtain Certificate of Origin: A certificate of origin is proof that your products were either manufactured or substantially transformed in one country before being exported into another country and is necessary for importation compliance purposes or obtaining duty-free status on imports from certain countries like Mexico under USMCA agreement rules & regulations.
  4. Pay Customs Duties/Tariffs: Depending on what type of goods are being imported from Mexico into the US, customs duties may be imposed at the time of entry by the US Customs Border Protection agency – these vary based upon type/value items so research should be done beforehand via Harmonized Tariff Schedule tool online prior engaging service any broker services providers (for further import assistance).

Learn more in our Guide to Customs Regulations in Mexico.

In order to import food from Mexico into the US, the importer must obtain a permit from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and comply with applicable FDA regulations for that particular food item. The imported food must also meet all applicable US safety standards in addition to other country of origin requirements and certifications. Additionally, any food items containing animal products or byproducts may require additional permits from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

On the Mexican side, for exporting, make sure you take a look to the next regulations:

  • Ley de los Impuestos Generales de Importación y de Exportación
  • Guía de exportación de alimentos 
  • Ley Federal de Sanidad Vegetal

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FAQ | Product Sourcing Mexico Avocado

What to expect when Product Sourcing from Mexico?

When product sourcing from Mexico, businesses can expect competitive prices and reliable supply chains. With a well-developed manufacturing sector and an experienced workforce, Mexican suppliers are able to provide quality products ranging from raw materials to finished goods, with the advantage of having access to the US market for quick delivery.

Where is the best Mexico Avocado from?

If you’re looking for the best Mexico Avocado, ISEB has got you covered. We have established relationships with trusted producers in Mexico and source only the highest quality avocados. With ISEB’s thorough product sourcing process, you can be sure to get the freshest, most delicious avocados available.

How do I source food from Mexico?

Mexico is one of the leading suppliers of avocados, and with ISEB’s global sourcing services, it’s easier to do it. We have extensive connections in Mexico, allowing us to provide businesses with top-tier product sourcing solutions.

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